Anyone, regardless of race, nationality, age, religion, creed or social-cultural condition can practice Yoga.

The practices must be made according to the physical conditions and the possibility of each person, from this principle should be moderation and common sense.

The practice requires some principles and standards, goodwill, dedication and a certain amount of discipline.

Its development practices Yoga, not only depend on the guiding teacher, but above all, of each practitioner.

The teacher can guide you and help you a lot, but the practitioner should have a lot of willpower and determination.

The practitioner does not need to have great articular flexibility, the success in asanas or postures is the inner attitude and not the amplitude of the movement.

Although most divulgation be made with hard and exotic postures in mind is where is the great work and for this very simple postures has a great value.

In conclusion children, adolescents, adults and seniors can and should practice Yoga. Develop your practice according to what you can and win what you want, always with a strong will and determination.

The art of listening is like a light that dispels the darkness of ignorance. Dalai Lama
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