Yoga 11/01/2015 by Ofélia Jesus

The Time

It's simple, the day has 24 hours.

For many people, the time is a source of anxiety, nervousness, obsession and sometimes becoming


Based on my experience, and reporting of students and friends, I leave you this reading.

From birth up until the age we became independent, we have a broad notion of time. There is enough time.

It is true that the new generations are soon bombarded with Time Ghost, that it should be many extracurricular activities, the fact of parents have a faster life rhythm , the advantage is that they have a mechanism to turn off.

I remember the sunny afternoons listening to Rod Stewart and to read the collection Around the world for two adventurers. (1957 Old Collection, which I still keep religiously, owe these readings will always present to travel know places people, and cultures).

The memory I have to remember this moment and others like afternoons on the beach playing with cousins or play in the street and caught hidden or days in the fields with my maternal grandparents is always accompanied by peace and quiet.

Come the day we left the parental home, started working, have own money, a house, a family. This change back to invoice responsibility.

Here a large majority shall use the expression "I have no time."

Designate The time is the same.

It is simple the day has 24 hours.

I let the time Ghost haunt my days, not realizing it was me that was the solution.

Yoga, meditation and the will to self-knowledge allowed the Time Ghost became a teacher for me.

I learned to not run after time, stay calm and the quiet heart to enjoy the moments, even I'm late for ...

Time still on my hand, walk together, sometimes wants to impose up and back to knock on my door, it's up to me to say the resolution

- Hello Mr. Time, you know that I no longer haunts me:-)

We are aware and fullness. Take a resolution live fully every moment "Here and Now".

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