Relaxing Massage what is and some benefits

12/04/2001 by Ofélia Jesus (various sources)

A relaxing massage is performed by applying firm and gentle movements of the body, providing muscle relaxation, improved blood circulation, relieving stress on the neck and shoulders among other benefits. It's a great indication for people with fibromyalgia.

A relaxing massage is a technique with lighter touches to stimulate the production of hormones responsible for relaxation. The main one is cytosine, which reduces stress, combat fear and improves relationships.

The relaxing massage also improves the digestive system, provides physical and psychological benefits, relieving muscle pain, decreased anxiety, irritability, increases flexibility and elasticity among other benefits.

This technique is a great alternative for people who are in distress or feel distressed. It is very suitable for those who have insomnia problems or wakes up feeling tired. Who has consecutive days in big cities usually better feel the effects of relaxing massage. It calms the mind of people. All body systems react positively to the technique. The heart beats calmer, breathing improves and gets deeper, blood pressure normalizes and the gut works best.

A relaxing massage brings to the person's well being, more energy and will. It is highly therapeutic, helps reflection and calm before any activity that gives fear, as a test or public speaking. It maintains good effects for the day or longer. A relaxing massage has a calming effect on the nervous system. The SNA (autonomic nervous system has two divisions:. The sympathetic system (among others, responsible for the proper digestion and a good sex life) and the parasympathetic system (among others, responsible for more physical activity) A relaxing massage connects the system to friendly and off the sympathetic system.

In Western life, it's hard to turn off the sympathetic system stress and many people rarely feel calm. This state of agitation can lead to intestinal problems (bowel arrested or hyperactive) and sexual problems (impotence or lack of sexual desire). Low relaxing massage heart rate, has good effects on blood pressure and makes the person willing to face the stress of everyday life.

Touch is vital. People need to be touched to have more energy in life.

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