Meditation / Prayer

Yoga 27/12/2015

Leads us,

From darkness to light.

From the unreal to the real.

Death to immortality.

From chaos to beauty.

Not to be afraid to love this world.

With its beauty and its wonder.

All that is of the flesh and all that is of the spirit.

Give us the ability to aperciate everything that

we can touch and move.

Give us the ability to appreciate the people we know in the struggle of daily life.

Not to be afraid.

Leads us from anxiety to confidence.

Give us courage and strength.

Prevents us from turning the life back.

Give us the ability to keep faith with what we know and feel.

Give us the ability to act keeping our highest ideals.

Keeps our turn face for the future.

While your spirit works in us.

Help us to remember this holy night

we are the children of your light.

Working in a world of matter.

Let us rejoice !!

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