Hot Stone Massage what is and some benefits

17/05/2011 by Ofélia Jesus (various sources)

The Therapy of Geothermal massage with Hot and Cold Stones or also called only Hot Stone Massage, was born in the East for nearly two thousand years. Initially it was widely used by Tibetan monks, especially in periods when they did long fasts. The hot stones were placed on the stomach and abdomen, thus providing a feeling of satiety and decreasing hunger, and enhance and energize the body, alleviating gastritis and control anxiety.

The stones used in the Hot Stone Massage, are Volcanic origin of stones, sizes, shapes and specifically chosen composition.

They are selective application of the vehicle warm temperatures on the body. This vascular exercise the circulatory system helps the body to revitalize and rebuild themselves.

The stones alternately cause sedative and reenergizing responses in our body.

The temperature is individually adapted to each case and the stones to slide on the muscles transmit this energy that reconnects our inner strength.

During the Hot Stone Massage, the therapist to perform soft and predefined movements by the patient's body with stones,

It provides you various benefits such as:

► Balance central nervous system;

► Anxiety Control;

► Clearance of energy routes;

► Relief of tension and menstrual cramps;

► Improvement of blood flow;

► Reduction of headaches;

► Eleminação Stress;

► quiet sleep.

The Hot Stone Massage of Hot and Cold Stones, is also indicated as an excellent complementary treatment against cellulite. Friction to be held in the body with this type of volcanic stones, improves cell regeneration and promotes the elimination of accumulated toxins, helping also reduce excess fat.

Therefore, the veins and the arteries dilate to heat and to contract with cold, there is a stimulation of

blood circulation which therefore is effective in eliminating these toxins. Importantly, the stones have a powerful effect natural anesthetic and can therefore be also used in a very cost-effectively in relief and treatment of headaches, headache chronic, pains in the spine, among some others.

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