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15/07/2018 by Ofélia Jesus

You only live once, and will not repeat again, live today, live now, live this moment,

every day is a gift, a new beginning, your tomorrow is being built today.

I will address this topic for those seeking spiritual deepening.

When you arrive at the end of the day there is a tendency to classify "How was the day today?" Through a feeling

you will assign a rating.

And when you deepen and analyze carefully one day that you rate less good is very relative, for many would be a perfect day.

When you feeling that your day is going badly, I invite you to look deeply into yourself with clarity and

sincerity and whatever the situation was already passed, do not turn that situation(s) into a problem,

because at that time you call suffering, imagine a barrier and when you go beyond the ego commands,

the waters of the lake shake and dazzle you, you return to normalcy when you surrender and accept therefore the solution is in you.

We all go through experiences less good... is part of the growth.

Create the habit of observing yourself perceive which situations, people, places, etc. that take you seriously and gradually you

are detecting this feeling before the barrier so you avoid turning your day(s) into a nightmare, enjoy even those moments

because they are also part of the game that is life.

As you become an observer of yourself and deepen the spiritual side, there will arise

how to deal with certain situations of the day to day, I will list some with possible approaches.

- Your opinion will create conflict

What to do in this situation, if it is worthwhile and bring added value I advise you to go ahead and take action,

otherwise silence is better.

- Your relationship with objects

The problem is not the objects you have but your relationship with them.

Example: You want to buy a new cell phone and you can buy a good cell phone and you think that's important ... if you're in the process

of spiritual growth you can think of ... need I a top-of-the-range mobile ... Whatever your decision what matters is your relationship

with the object.

Imagine that a week later you break it ... if the situation does not create any kind of negative emotional change means that

your relationship with the object is good there is a detachment.

- Less pure thoughts

They are part if you identify them is a good beginning ... calmly formulate an opposite thought and deliver it to the creator.

Note: Creator can be replaced by God, Jehovah, Allah, Higher Self or SELF the entity that is everything (including you).

- Speak Lies even the one who does no harm to anyone

Avoid lies at all costs, think how you should act because there is a solution ...

Let me give you an example: You are applying for a job offer and in the interview they ask

What is your current salary ... you do not want to answer the truth because it will limit the value that will offer you

... then you can answer this is a private question so I will not answer.

- Your relationship with the creator

If you do not believe in this superior force, move on.

Do not fear the Creator, he is always present and you can always talk to him.

The detachment goes beyond the objects goes through the actions delivers the fruits of your work

in the hands of the creator set you free.

To reach freedom you need to detach and renunciate.

To conclude if you want to have spiritual progress the path is the meditation to achieve a set of transformations in your life.

Attention to meditation must be accompanied by a teacher competent authority and does so without any kind of reward.

The theme of meditation is for a next article.

OM Shanti Shanti Shantih

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