Ayurvedic Massage what is and some benefits

17/06/2011 by Ofélia Jesus (various sources)

About 6,000 (six thousand) years ago, the science of Ayurveda began in India.

In Sanskrit language, Ayur (life) and Vedic (knowledge or science), the literal translation of Ayurvedic is "knowledge", "knowledge of life" or "proper life".

The Ayurvedic massage is a holistic massage technique that favors integration, balance and dynamic exchange between the mind and body.

It is a method of treating body slips and stretching, assisted by vegetable oils and essences which stimulates the muscles and circulation, releasing toxins attached to the muscles and tissues. Through deep touches with hands, elbows and feet, Ayurvedic massage provides a postural re-alignment, relieving stress on the physical body, strengthens the immune system, has anti-stress effects and anti-depressants. It provides greater body flexibility and mobility in the joints, allowing the free circuit of vital energy.

It is also indicated for the case of muscle pain, migraine, rheumatic pain, back problems, poor posture, strengthening the immune system, stress, depression, etc.

Usually people who get ayurvedic massage sessions, experience a great sense of well-being, relaxation, tranquility, deep slumber and a new spirit.


► skin stay with a beautiful gloss

► tone and relax the subcutaneous muscle tissue, thus nourishing the skin and forming harmonic curves in the body

► increase body temperature, facilitating the movement

► increasing the flow of oxygen and the elimination of toxins from the body

► enhance body resistance to raise the immune system

► open body kennels, providing a vital energy flow unhindered

► give the body a feeling of lightness, agility and energy

► more flexible spine, improving nerve communication to the organs and other body parts

► increase stamina and sexual vitality

► enable the concentration and mental alertness

► rejuvenate and preserve youth properties

► affirm self-esteem, build confidence, mental openness, security and concentration

► release blocked emotions

► produce relaxation, produce positive thoughts and consciousness of the whole body

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